C: K, Read this quote while finishing up the Andre Agassi book, Open,  and thought of you. It’s from a girl who is attending a school for underprivileged children that Andre had built in Las Vegas after ending his tennis career:

Determined not to repeat the mistakes of her parents, the girl pushes herself to succeed at Agassi Prep. “I won’t let myself down the way others have. It’s up to me to change the course of my future and I will never give up.”

This is a great and timely quote for you, as we get you re-enrolled in college and back on track……….

Love you,


C: It’s been a long time, and I apologize for the delay in writing, but some big things have happened. Life! OK, let me be more specific, K. moved in with E. and I. I always knew that this was a possibility, but after the holidays talking it out seriously with her, we decided to make it official. K. moved in the beginning of February, just as she turned 20! The agreement we all made was we would focus this next year on getting her a few solid jobs that paid well, have her focus on paying off all her bills from her schooling in California, and get re-enrolled into a local college.

K.’s moving in, and becoming a part of our family has been seamless. We sold her E.’s old Honda Accord, she went out and got herself three jobs – two waitressing and one with Abercrombie & Fitch, and just this Tuesday we got her registered for her fall classes at Middlesex Community College. She’s even going to take a summer math class to try and get ahead. We are very proud of her. She has juggled everything like the pro she is.

Yes, she gets mad when she can’t buy herself summer clothes, but trying to teach her the lesson that you pay off the people you owe before buying things for yourself. But, on the positive side, she has gotten the opportunity to model with Abercrombie, which has been a great experience.

So, I promise to keep you filled in from here on out, as the adventure continues to unfold.

C:  OK, so I’m not the hippest stepmom in the world. I don’t appreciate the latest music, and more important, don’t have an open mind when it comes to new and different artists. So, when K. told me that Lady Gaga was her new favorite artist, I said, “Who?” For all of you ‘old foggies’ like me, Lady Gaga came on the scene in 2007, has two hit albums and several hit songs. (To date, she has sold over eight million albums and 35 million singles digitally worldwide.) She is most known for the crazy outfits and hairdos that are an intimate part of her persona. She has stated that she is inspired by fashion and it is an essential component of her songwriting and performances, aka Madonna. It wasn’t until I saw her on Oprah that I began to appreciate her music and her style. She does have a beautiful voice, and is just trying to differentiate herself in the crowded music field. K. saw Lady Gaga for the accomplished music professional she was early on, by looking at the fashion differentiator as a plus for this artist. K. was always my little fashionista…….

C:  A thousand apologies as I write this, because I’ve already been told by K. that I was wrong, and she was peeved at me. But I will share my infraction with you all to get other opinions. K. was over at Christmas and although she had her computer, she used my computer one day and logged into her Facebook account. Now, as full disclosure, when I got my Facebook account, I tried to ‘friend’ K., but was denied. She said she didn’t want her mother to have access to her writings and pictures. Is this a red flag??? I think yes. Anyway, I didn’t push it. So, a few days after Christmas, I go to access my Facebook account, and K.’s comes up, as she did not log out. OK, honestly, what would you do?

  1. log out of K.’s account and log into your own
  2. take a peek at K.’s account, snoop around, then get out and don’t tell her
  3. take a peek at K.’s account, snoop around, then get out and tell her
  4. take a peek at K.’s account, snoop around, then get out, tell her and make recommendations on things she should change or delete

I chose ‘d’, and therefore I get the ‘evil stepmother’ award! I’m sorry K!!!! What would you have done?

Thanks K!

C:  My husband just shared with me something that happened the day of our wedding, that I’d like to share with you. E and I got married on December 19. I asked K to be my MOH, along with my mom and Ed’s mom. When K arrived with my mom, her ‘grammy’, she kissed Ed, said hello to several of the guests and then asked Ed where I was – saying that she wanted to go and help me get dressed. I was so happy to see her when she came to my room. She took right over, keeping me calm along the way, and helping me with my ‘look’ and taking pictures. We had a ball together, and she walked me downstairs to be married. It was a beautiful day spent with friends, family and my favorite little redhead! Thanks K for the wonderful toast………you make me so proud. XXOO.

C:  As I sit here on New Years Day, 2010, I think about what I hope for in the year ahead for K and I. Well, mine is easy. I want a job. But for K I want so much. I’d love for her to get on track and get enrolled in college, or at least start taking some courses at the local community college. I’d like her to get serious about finding a job where she works at least 30 hours a week and gets paid a decent salary. I hope she focuses on paying off her debts, and learns that paying people back should be a priority over buying yourself more clothes. I hope she takes this year and focuses on herself and her future. Doing the right thing is hard, so I hope she finds the courage to take the hard route this year. Share with me your plans and aspirations for the year ahead………..