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C: K, Read this quote while finishing up the Andre Agassi book, Open,  and thought of you. It’s from a girl who is attending a school for underprivileged children that Andre had built in Las Vegas after ending his tennis career:

Determined not to repeat the mistakes of her parents, the girl pushes herself to succeed at Agassi Prep. “I won’t let myself down the way others have. It’s up to me to change the course of my future and I will never give up.”

This is a great and timely quote for you, as we get you re-enrolled in college and back on track……….

Love you,


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C:  My husband just shared with me something that happened the day of our wedding, that I’d like to share with you. E and I got married on December 19. I asked K to be my MOH, along with my mom and Ed’s mom. When K arrived with my mom, her ‘grammy’, she kissed Ed, said hello to several of the guests and then asked Ed where I was – saying that she wanted to go and help me get dressed. I was so happy to see her when she came to my room. She took right over, keeping me calm along the way, and helping me with my ‘look’ and taking pictures. We had a ball together, and she walked me downstairs to be married. It was a beautiful day spent with friends, family and my favorite little redhead! Thanks K for the wonderful toast………you make me so proud. XXOO.

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