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C:  OK, so I’m not the hippest stepmom in the world. I don’t appreciate the latest music, and more important, don’t have an open mind when it comes to new and different artists. So, when K. told me that Lady Gaga was her new favorite artist, I said, “Who?” For all of you ‘old foggies’ like me, Lady Gaga came on the scene in 2007, has two hit albums and several hit songs. (To date, she has sold over eight million albums and 35 million singles digitally worldwide.) She is most known for the crazy outfits and hairdos that are an intimate part of her persona. She has stated that she is inspired by fashion and it is an essential component of her songwriting and performances, aka Madonna. It wasn’t until I saw her on Oprah that I began to appreciate her music and her style. She does have a beautiful voice, and is just trying to differentiate herself in the crowded music field. K. saw Lady Gaga for the accomplished music professional she was early on, by looking at the fashion differentiator as a plus for this artist. K. was always my little fashionista…….


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